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Making a Poem


Sound, forming words- themselves formative

of ideas unmentioned though understood-

rhythm as encoded, written as emotion

sustained in concepts of perception.  Given

power by sound, associative health

and understanding; existent concerns

in context with transition merits; time

concerts change, genetics ideals. Meeting

unto thee presupposes light, interprets

notions of sister defined thus, as

that existent where nothingness is time.

Coming into light as gradient into being,

tradition evolves persona into light

as being incepted, chosen code into idea

that is- Intuition.


copyright by the author: Stephen Proper Gredler





subtle moves of hand

create similar ideas of sight

once a photograph


paper animates

transposing patterns of light

the eye moves


colors transcend

light breathed by water

into fruition


a final shimmer

of magic and invocation

as tulip develops


copyright by the author: Stephen Proper Gredler